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Since the establishment of our company some 54 years ago, we have concentrated our efforts in the hydraulic area. As Japan's leading manufacturer specializing in hydraulics, we have provided not only Japan, but also countries worldwide with hydraulic components and machinery. Our products play a vital role in the industrial community as well as the contributing to society.
Along the way we have been able to build up worldwide confidence in the Yuken brand thanks to your support and patronage.
Today, the world economic situation is undergoing radical changes; Japan in particular has been put under unprecedented severe strain. 
Regardless of this we continue in our aim for "Global Yuken".
Our focus for new product development - using our original technology, reform of the production system, the development and enlargement of the world market, and activities in cost reduction, all remains a clear vision for the Yuken group.
We shall always strive to offer to the industrial world products of superior quality and performance, delivered on time and at reasonable prices. 
We shall continue our endeavors to be widely useful in the further development of industrial societies and in the enrichment of all our lives.
We would like to ask for your continued support, guidance and encouragement.

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